A downloadable game for Windows

Otto Robotto is a 2d platformer metroidvania about a little robot who needs to grab upgrades in order to progess, but it can have ONLY ONE at a time.

Music is handmade with ONLY ONE note.


  • Movement = Arrow Keys
  • Use Upgrade = Spacebar

Can you find all the 8 batteries?

This is our first entry for a gamejam, thanks for playing it, we´d love to see your feedback.

(You have to download the '.exe' AND the '.pck' to make it work.)


otto_robotto_1.2.zip 12 MB
otto_robotto_test_1.3.3.zip 25 MB


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few things I dont get:
1. is there any way to interact with the red thing and the batteries? cause robot doesnt want to interact with anything that aint a computer :-(
map please?
cause I find it quite hard to get to previous places.
3. what do most upgrades do?
just got purple but it aint interacting with glass. so I have no idea what it does.
some explanations for each upgrade would be nice :-)

aside from that, good game :-)

Hello! Thank you for your feedback. 

1) Currently you can only interact with computers for upgrades. We rushed to post the game in time and the batteries code was half-baked, for the next instalment, Otto will be able to collect them.

2) Backtracking is part of the game, but youre right were needing a map.

3) We certainly agree and we plan to add a little explanation for each upgrade on future instalments.


Its working great on Linux with WINE (wihout any addition library).

I like the idea.

Thank you very much! We love Linux!